Toby and I have spent a lot of our time in the greenhouse, taking back what the jungle stole and preparing beds to be planted. A big part of this is harvesting compost from one of the toilets. The human waste which is mixed with saw dust and toilet paper has been sitting there for a few years, and they’ve finally gotten around to gathering it. The soil is a dark rich color which the plants will hopefully love and thrive in. Steven told me that it takes about 6 to 7 months for the poop to turn into usable soil, a fairly short amount of time compared to colder dryer climates. We mixed it with a few handfulls of ash and ran it through a screen. We then used the compost to fill three raised beds, maybe 4 by 25 or 30 feet? Some was also used to mulch around a few baby trees we planted and some big leaf vine spinach which was cleared out of the greenhouse and transplanted closer to the kitchen.